7 Ways to Know if Someone Blocked You on Telegram

If you can’t reach someone on Telegram, your first assumption would be that you’ve been blocked. However, you might be wrong if you’re thinking that simply because you can’t see their profile picture or your messages aren’t delivering. A lot more happens if you’ve been blocked on Telegram. Hence, to confirm the same, we’ll show you all the ways to know if someone blocked you on Telegram.

You have been blocked from reaching a contact on Telegram only if all of the below-listed events check out. Therefore, before you conclude that you have been blocked, go through all the points. Let’s begin by checking if messages are being delivered on Telegram.

1. Check if Messages Are Being Delivered to the Telegram Account

If you see a single checkmark for sent messages, it means that the message has not been delivered to the user on Telegram. If you notice that messages were earlier being delivered with double ticks, and if you see a single tick mark now – and it does not change for a long time, then there is a chance that you have been blocked on Telegram.

However, this isn’t conclusive, as you may be facing a few network connectivity issues, preventing you from delivering messages on Telegram. Further, the person you are trying to contact on Telegram may be facing network issues or has uninstalled the app.

Therefore, you need to check a few more events to conclude that you have been blocked.

2. Profile Picture Will Be Replaced By Initials

If someone blocks you on Telegram, you can’t see that person’s profile picture. It will be replaced by the contact’s initials. However, it is possible that the user removed their display picture or they have changed a few privacy settings that do not let you see their profile picture.

However, you can still view and read their bio even if they have blocked you.

3. You Can’t See Their Online Status

If you are trying to talk to an account that has blocked you, you can’t see the user’s status even if they are online. Therefore, you will not see the indicator that says ‘Online’ below the username. However, it is also possibile that they are offline and not using Telegram at the moment.

4. You Can’t See Their Activity Status

If someone has blocked you on Telegram, you cannot see their activity status. Telegram will show you the message ‘Last Seen a Long Time Ago’ even if they are using or were recently online on Telegram.

5. You Can’t Voice Call or Video Call the Account

If someone blocks you on Telegram, you can’t place a voice or a video call to their account. Telegram will show a message that says ‘Call Failed’ and may also say that the account that has blocked you has modified a few privacy settings preventing you from calling them.

6. You Cannot Add the Account to a Group Chat

If an account has blocked you, you will not be able to add them to a group chat. However, it is possible that they have a few privacy settings in place, preventing you from adding them to a group chat. But this is the most conclusive evidence to know if you’ve been blocked on Telegram since you may see a message that says ‘USER_IS_BLOCKED’.

Or, you will not be able to add them to a group, and Telegram will say that you need to send an invite to them to join the group – which you will not be able to send if they have blocked you.

7. Check if the Account Is Deleted

You can’t do any of the above activities if the account has been deleted on Telegram. Thankfully, the Telegram app tells you if an account has been deleted. However, it might take some time for the changes to reflect. Therefore, restart the Telegram application and check if the account has been deleted.

Deleted Account Telegram

FAQs on Blocking Users on Telegram

1. Can a blocked account see your phone number on Telegram?

If they have your contact saved, they can see your phone number on Telegram. However, you can hide your phone number on Telegram to avoid sharing your number.

2. How to block a group on Telegram?

You can exit from a group to block text messages from a group on Telegram.

3. Can a blocked person see my bio on Telegram?

Yes. A blocked account can read your bio on Telegram.

4. Can you read messages from a blocked account on Telegram?

Yes. You can read existing messages in your chat even if someone blocks you on Telegram. Blocking an account does not delete any messages.

5. If someone blocked me on Telegram, can I see their last seen?

No. However, Telegram will show a faux activity status that says ‘Seen a long time ago’.

Confirm if You’ve Been Blocked

Telegram does not provide an explicit notification that someone has been blocked. So, if you check the boxes for all the above-mentioned points, unfortunately, you have been blocked on Telegram. However, don’t jump to conclusions, if you only see a few of the above points. Talk to the person directly or wait a little to get confirmation.

Last updated on 20 July, 2023

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