How to Change Your Name on Fortnite Using Any Device

Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games where millions of players interact with each other. The best way to recognize these players is through their usernames. If you want to change your name on Fortnite to something unique, we have the solution.

change your name on Fortnite

In this guide, we will look at how to change the Fortnite display name using any device. However, you can change your Epic Game username only once in 14 days. Additionally, the name change will reflect on all platforms except for consoles like Xbox and PS4 (more about that in the later sections). So, choose your name wisely and ensure to avoid typos. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

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Change Fortnite Username on Epic Game Store Using PC

To change the Fortnite name on your PC, you need to change your Epic Games account name, as Fortnite sets the username based on your Epic Game Store username. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open Epic Games Launcher on any web browser using the link below and log in to your account.

Step 2: Click your account name at the top right corner and choose Account.

choose the profile and choose Account

Step 3: Choose Account Settings.

Step 4: Select the edit button next to the Display Name.

Choose Account Settings and hit the Edit button

Step 5: Add the new Display Name and enable ‘I understand I can not change my display name again for 2 weeks after this change.’

Step 6: After adding the name, choose Confirm to make changes.

add the new name and hit confirm

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How to Change Fortnite Username on Android and iPhone

Users can also change their name on Fortnite from their mobile devices using the Epic Game Store website. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the Epic Games webpage from the link below and log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap the menu bar at the top right corner and choose your account name.

Step 3: Choose Account and tap the edit icon next to the display name.

Step 4: Change Fortnite username and check ‘I understand I can not change my display name again for 2 weeks after this change.’

Step 5: Once you are sure about the changes, tap Confirm.

add the name and hit confirm

How to Change Your Name on Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

To change your display name in Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, visit the Epic Games website and follow the above steps depending on your device. Unlike other consoles, Fortnite in Switch uses the Epic Games account to set the username.

However, if you use Xbox or PS4, move on to the next section.

Change Username in Fortnite on Xbox

If you have been using the same account created on PC or mobile to play Fortnite on consoles like Xbox, you can change the nickname on Fortnite from Epic Game Store. However, if you had created your Fortnite account from Xbox, you need to change your Fortnite gamertag from your Xbox profile. Follow the below steps to do so.

Things to Know Before Changing Your Xbox Gamertag

  • Your new gamertag can only have a maximum of 12 characters, including spaces.
  • It should not begin with a number.
  • If you encounter a message stating, “That name isn’t available. Try a different one,” find a new one and check again.
  • If you are changing the gamertag for the first time, it will be free for your ID. Following that, you need to pay to change your gamertag.

With that out of the way, let’s begin with the steps.

How to Change Fortnite Name on Xbox

Step 1: Go to the Xbox Gamertag webpage using the below link and login into your account.

Step 2: Type your new name and click Check availability.

add gamertag and hit check availability

Step 3: Hit Change gamertag.

choose change gamertag

Step 4: Choose Change gamertag to confirm.

choose change gamertag tag to confirm

That’s it! This will update your current gamertag.

Note: Like Xbox, you need to change your PSN name to change the Fortnite name on PS4 or PS5. Visit the official website of PlayStation Network and change it from there. You must remember that this will also change your display name for all the other games in which you use PlayStation Network.

FAQs on Change Fortnite Username

1. How much does it cost to change your Fortnite user?

You can change your username in Fortnite for free on mobile and PC versions through Epic Games. However, you need to pay ~$10 every time you change your Fortnite username on Xbox or PlayStation after the first time.

2. Is it legal to have 2 Fortnite accounts?

While you can have multiple Fortnite accounts, you cannot share, sell, or buy Fortnite accounts with other users. If caught, you might be banned from the game.

3. Does changing the Epic Games username clear all the data?

No, changing your Epic Games username does not clear your game data. Changing your Epic Games username only modifies your displayed name and does not affect your progress, stats, or any other game-related data associated with your account. All your game data, including your progress, items, and achievements, will remain intact and unaffected by the username change.

4. Should I upgrade to a full Epic Games account?

If you only play Fortnite on Xbox, PS, or Switch, you can avoid creating an account with Epic Games. However, if you also play Fortnite on your PC, Mac, or mobile, upgrading to a full Epic Games account is better as it saves your progress across devices.

Show Yourself on Fortnite

With this guide, we hope you can change your name on Fortnite without any hassle. Remember, the username acts as the display name in Fortnite and plays a huge role in letting other players know your character. So, ensure to get the best one.

Last updated on 19 July, 2023

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