Top 4 Ways to Send WhatsApp Messages to Multiple Contacts

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular instant messaging app in the world. Users rely on it to stay in touch with friends and family. With WhatsApp‘s ever-growing reach, the Facebook-owned platform is also widely used among businesses. If you frequently want to communicate with a group of people, you have several ways to send WhatsApp messages to multiple contacts.

You can always open multiple conversations one-by-one and send messages. But it’s time-consuming and not a productive way to share your message quickly. Instead, you can use the tricks below to send the same message to multiple contacts on WhatsApp.

1. Forward a Message on WhatsApp

Did you receive a news story or a motivational quote from someone on WhatsApp? You can always forward a message, photo, video, or file on WhatsApp to multiple contacts.

Step 1: Open a conversation on WhatsApp. Long-press on a message and select Forward.

Step 2: Tap on the arrow button and send your WhatsApp message to up to five contacts.

WhatsApp has imposed a message forwarding limit of five contacts on the platform. The company came under fire from the regulators to combat the growing fake news problem on the platform.

To prevent FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) on the platform, you can’t forward a message to more than five contacts. You’ll need to forward the same again. After you forward the same message multiple times, WhatsApp labels it as ‘Forwarded many times’ above it.

When you come across such a message, you should verify it before blindly sharing it with others on social media. The authorities may slap you with a legal notice for spreading fake news on WhatsApp.  

2. Create a Community on WhatsApp

WhatsApp community is a new feature from the company to keep related groups under one roof. Creating a new community on WhatsApp automatically creates a broadcast channel with all group contacts. Don’t worry. Only admins and approved members can send a message in a community.

When you create a community on WhatsApp, you can only add groups you are an admin of. If you are not an admin of a WhatsApp group, get relevant permission before adding it to the community.

Creating a WhatsApp community is available on iPhone, Android, and the desktop. You can create our dedicated post to create a community on WhatsApp. Once you make a community, use the steps below to send a message.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your phone. Move to the Communities tab. On Android, you can find it in the top left corner. iPhone users can access the same at the bottom.

Step 2: Select an announcement channel and send a message.

You can create a WhatsApp community with of up to 50 groups and add up to 5,000 members to a community announcement group. It’s one of the effective ways to streamline communication on WhatsApp.  

3. Create a Broadcast List on WhatsApp

WhatsApp communities can be confusing to some. Besides, you need to have admin rights to add groups to it. If you want to share WhatsApp messages with multiple contacts, create a broadcast list.

Note: You can add up to 256 contacts to a WhatsApp broadcast list.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your phone. Tap the three vertical dots menu at the top-right corner and select New broadcast.

Step 2: Select up to 256 contacts and hit the checkmark at the bottom.

Step 3: WhatsApp creates a broadcast list to send messages.

Refer to our post to know more about WhatsApp broadcast lists. Only people who have added your number to their contacts list can receive your broadcast messages.

iPhone users can tap Broadcast Lists at the top and select New List to create such lists.

4. Make a Group on WhatsApp

WhatsApp group is one of the known methods to send messages to multiple contacts. You can create a group with up to 1024 participants on WhatsApp.

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp and tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner. Select New group.

Step 2: Select participants and continue.

Step 3: Enter the group name, check participants, and hit the checkmark.

iPhone users can create a new WhatsApp group from the compose menu at the top. Now, you and approved admins can send messages in a WhatsApp group.

Share Updates on WhatsApp in No Time

If you are confused between WhatsApp groups and communities, read our dedicated comparison post to learn more. Which method do you prefer to send the same WhatsApp message to multiple contacts?  

Last updated on 26 June, 2023

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