6 Best MacBook Pro Keyboard Covers With Shortcuts

It goes without saying that you can buy several accessories for a Mac to improve its functionality. One such accessory that offers both protection and added functionality is a keyboard cover. While standard keyboard covers only protect your keys, MacBook Pro keyboard covers with shortcuts can make your workflow smoother too.

best MacBook Pro keyboard covers with shortcuts

So whether you use your Mac for video editing or music production, you can quickly reference your keyboard for nifty shortcuts. We’ve included a variety of options depending on what apps you use the most. We’ve also added a generic keyboard cover with macOS shortcuts. Depending on your usage, you can pick one or multiple keyboard covers and sift between them seamlessly.

But before we get to the products –

Note: All the keyboard covers mentioned below are compatible with both 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros.

1. imComor Keyboard Cover With macOS Shortcuts

macOS shortcuts

macOS is replete with keyboard shortcuts that can greatly reduce the steps required to open an app or a setting. If you’re new to the operating system, you may not be aware of the same. So until you register your most-used key combos in your muscle memory, this keyboard cover will come in handy.

The macOS shortcuts keyboard cover is especially helpful if you’re switching from a Windows machine to a Mac. We say this, as a lot of conventional key combinations like Control + C or Alt + Shift + Tab are different on a Mac.

All the shortcuts are color-coded with the command and option keys so you can quickly decipher which keys to press. The keyboard case is spill and dust resistant so if it gets dirty, you can wash it seamlessly too. Needless to say, if you want to master macOS, this keyboard cover with macOS shortcuts is a must-have — especially for beginners.

2. XSKN Logic Pro Keyboard Cover

Logic Pro shortcuts

If you’re a music producer, you must be familiar with Logic Pro on macOS, which offers a ton of features to edit your music. And if you recently picked up a Mac to mix your music, you’ll find this keyboard cover with Logic Pro shortcuts extremely handy.

The Logic Pro keyboard case does away with generic keyboard shortcuts. Instead, it replaces them with color-coded key combinations for Logic Pro. The color mapping has been done according to the function performed by the key.

For example, all shortcuts related to clipping audio are of one color. Similarly, the play, pause, forward, and rewind buttons are mapped to the same color. By using a thematic template, the keyboard cover helps users learn various shortcuts quickly. As per reviews, the cover is durable and the print doesn’t wear off with time.

3. JCPal Keyboard Cover for Final Cut Pro

FCP shortcuts

What Logic Pro is to music, Final Cut Pro is to videos. The software is exclusive to macOS so if you recently bought a MacBook to edit your videos, consider getting this keyboard case with shortcuts to save a ton of time.

Editing videos can be a chore. You may have hundreds of cuts, effects, and transitions to add to your clips, which will eat into a good chunk of your time. A good way to make your workflow simpler and speed up the process is by using a keyboard cover with FCP shortcuts.

Just like the Logic Pro keyboard cover, the keyboard cover for Final Cut Pro also has color-coded keys. As such, the cover makes it easy to find the right tool or shortcut for the job. Several reviews say the FCP keyboard case is the best accessory you can buy for your MacBook if you’re a novice editor.

4. JCPal Adobe PhotoShop Keyboard Cover

Photoshop shortcuts

Fancy editing photos over videos? Consider getting this keyboard case for your MacBook. While it doesn’t have color-coded keys, it has all the key combinations for shortcuts used in PhotoShop on a regular basis.

We would’ve liked it if the keys on the PhotoShop cover were of different colors based on their functionality. It isn’t a deal breaker, though, since all the shortcuts that require you to press the command or option keys are marked accordingly.

While all that’s good and dandy, some users cite that the keyboard cover’s color is quite dark. As a result, the MacBook’s keyboard backlight doesn’t shine through very well, which can be an issue if you edit videos in the dark. Do consider this point before hitting the Buy Now button.

5. Editors Keys Shortcuts Cover for Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro shortcuts

If you prefer using Adobe’s Premiere Pro to edit videos, you should opt for this keyboard case over the FCP keyboard cover prefaced above. We say this, as it comes with a ton of color-coded shortcuts to help you crunch through your edits seamlessly.

The Adobe keyboard cover ships with vibrant, color-coded shortcuts that can be spotted from afar. As such, the keyboard cover will ingrain the most sought-after shortcuts in your memory in no time. The brand has used tasteful colors for the keyboard cover, which imparts an elegant look to your MacBook.

Compared to other keyboard guards on this list, Editor Keys’ offering is apparently slimmer too. As a result, you can close the lid of your MacBook completely. Rest assured, if you’re a budding video editor using Premiere Pro, this is a must-have.

6. Editors Keys Keyboard Cover With DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts

Davinci resolve shortcuts

Both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro are paid video editing suites. But, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a professional video editing app, DaVinci Resolve is an excellent choice. And if you wish to learn to use the software, this keyboard cover is the perfect accessory for your Mac.

Do note that the brand’s DaVinci Resolve keyboard cover for MacBooks isn’t color-coded. However, it sports an elegant layout with two colored lines on each key. The top line indicates the shortcut when used with the command key, and the one at the bottom corresponds to the shortcut when pressed with the option key.

Per one user, the keyboard cover affects the MacBook’s operating temperature negatively. This could be because the cover hinders the Mac’s airflow. If you feel this is the case, you can remove the keyboard cover when you’re rendering a video.

FAQs for MacBook Pro Keyboard Covers

1. Is it safe to use a keyboard cover on my Mac?

Some keyboard covers can block the airflow on your Mac, resulting in higher running temperatures. Some thick covers can also cause issues with your Mac’s screen. All the keyboard covers mentioned above are of good quality, though, and shouldn’t cause any issues.

2. Should I get a screen protector with a keyboard cover?

A plastic film screen protector is recommended with a keyboard cover since any dust trapped in the cover will not harm the display directly.

3. Can I remove a keyboard cover once it’s applied?

Yes, keyboard covers create a vacuum to stick to a keyboard deck. As such, you can simply pull the keyboard cover off without worrying about any residual adhesives.

Make Your Job Easier

MacBook Pro keyboard covers with shortcuts not only improve your workflow but also protect your Mac from dust and spills. If you’re new to a particular software or macOS in general, pick up any of the keyboard covers above and start building your muscle memory.

Last updated on 24 July, 2023

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