Top 7 Ways to Fix Can’t Pause Instagram Videos or Reels

Instagram is loaded with videos, Reels, and stories. These new media formats become popular among all kinds of users today. Sometimes you want to pause a video, Reel, or story to capture the perfect moment or check some detail. Here’s how to pause Instagram Reels or other videos.

Many Instagram users have complained about the inability to pause Reels or other videos on the platform. If you frequently run into the same, here are the best ways to fix the issue. Before we start, let’s check how to pause Instagram videos, Reels, and stories.

How to Pause Instagram Reels

It’s quite easy to pause an Instagram Reel. When you open a specific Reel on Instagram, the platform automatically start to play video and audio. You can hold your finger on it to pause the Reel.

You can check the details you are looking for and even take a screenshot on your phone to review it later. After you lift a finger, Instagram starts playing the Reel again.  

How to Pause Instagram Stories

There are two ways to pause Instagram stories. You can hold your finger on a story or tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner to pause a story.

Can You Pause Instagram Videos

There is no way to pause usual Instagram videos on mobile apps. You can try holding your finger or opening another menu, but the system doesn’t pause such videos. However, there is a workaround to pause Instagram videos. You need to use the company’s web version. Let’s check it in action.

Step 1: Visit Instagram on the web and log in with your account details.

Step 2: Find a video you want to pause. Instagram auto-plays the video. Click on it to pause the clip.  

1. Video Ads May Not Pause

Many companies, influencers, businesses, and marketers advertise on Instagram to reach a wider audience. Apart from pictures, these advertisers also run product videos as ads on Instagram.

You can identify such posts with a ‘Sponsored’ tag below the account name. You can’t pause video ads on the platform.

2. Can’t Pause Live Video Sessions

Instagram allows users to start a live session on the platform. When you stream such a live session, you can’t pause it. To record a live session, use Android or iPhone’s default screen recording function.

3. Don’t Use a Thick Screen Protector

Do you use a thick screen protector on your Android or iPhone? Instagram may face issues with registering your finger on the screen. You can hold your finger on a Reel or story, but it doesn’t pause, remove the thick screen protector and try again. We advise using reputed mobile accessories manufacturers to purchase a screen protector and case.

4. Clean Your Fingers

If there is dust, debris, oil, or moisture on your finger, your phone may not register input. You need to clean your fingers and try pausing a Reel or story again. If you use your phone with gloves, the display may not trigger your finger.

5. Force Stop Instagram

Instagram may act weirdly at times. If the app frequently crashes or acts abnormally on your Android phone, it’s time to force-stop it and try again.

Step 1: Find the Instagram app icon and tap ‘i’ to open the app info menu.

Step 2: Tap Force stop and troubleshoot the app misbehaves quickly.

You can now open the app and try stopping a Reel or video.

6. Clear Instagram Cache

Clearing the Instagram cache is another effective way to troubleshoot app irregularities. It’s a handy trick to fix common Instagram issues on the go. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app info menu (check the steps above).

Step 2: Open ‘Storage and cache.’

Step 3: Select ‘Clear cache’ and reopen Instagram.

Check out the implications of clearing the Instagram cache.  

7. Update Instagram

Instagram Reels or stories not pausing can be due to an outdated app build on your phone. You can head to the Play Store or App Store and install the latest Instagram app.

Closely Review Instagram Reels

Are you planning an interior decoration at home and coming across an eye-catching setup in your favorite designer’s Reel? You can easily pause Reel and check the setup in detail. Whatever the use case is, it’s quite easy to pause any video on Instagram.

Last updated on 26 June, 2023

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