5 Best Period Tracker Apps for Android and iOS

If you are still using a calendar to track your periods, it’s high time you upgrade. There are countless period tracker apps on the internet that will help you automate the tracking process and stay on top of your menstrual health. Besides providing detailed analysis of your periods, they can help flag potential health issues, offer fertility insights, track symptoms, and much more.   

In this article, we will talk about the 5 best period tracking apps for both Android and iOS. If you’re concerned about privacy, rest assured that these apps are safe and do not sell your data. Most of them are free to use, but you will have to pay for some exclusive features. Let’s begin!

1. Flo – Best Free Period Tracker App

Flo is highly regarded as the best period tracking app. It has a user base of around 250 million people across the globe which includes doctors and industry experts. While the interface is simple, it asks way too many questions to begin with. Thankfully, you can skip through some of them.

We like that the app has over 70 symptoms, including nausea, bloating, vaginal dryness, fatigue, and acne. These symptoms can be recorded alongside cycles for a more detailed overview of your periods. The ability to sync with Apple’s Health app and Fitbit account is another good reason to choose Flo.

Apart from period tracking, the free version allows you to use the active community to discuss intimate topics anonymously. Since Flo has a good user base, many queries are posted and answered here.

On the other hand, Flo Premium offers features like personalized feedback by medical advisors, pregnancy tracking, articles, and video courses about reproductive health. Do note that Flo constantly prompts you to buy the premium subscription, and it can get very annoying after a point.

What We Like

  • Loaded with features
  • Option for community chat
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free version will suffice for many

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive subscription
  • Disruptive premium subscription ads

Price: Free; Paid Version: $39.99/year onwards

2. Clue – Gender-Inclusive App

Clue nails the user interface aspect. It has a minimalist design and is easy to use. The app provides three primary options – Track My Period, Try To Conceive, and Follow My Pregnancy. The Track My Period mode is free, but the other two modes can only be unlocked with the Clue Plus subscription.

With Clue Plus, you get predictions of up to six upcoming cycles, tips and articles from medical experts, unlimited custom tags for personalization, and premium customer care support. The educational material on the app comes from experts. Therefore, you can rely on them. This also includes a podcast called Hormonal, where the hosts talk about the impact of hormones on our bodies and the world around us.

While everything about the app is impressive, the gender neutrality aspect sets it apart. For the same, Clue uses gender-inclusive language across the app and provides resources for the LGBTQIA community. However, unlike Flo, you don’t get the option to pair it with third-party apps.

What We Like

  • Gender-neutral
  • Impressive UI
  • Prediction for up to 6 cycles

What We Don’t Like

  • No integration with third-party apps

Price: Free; Subscription: $39.99/year onwards

3. Teen Period Tracker – Period Tracker App for Tweens and Teens

In the sea of period tracking apps, Teen Period Tracker is one of the few apps focusing on teens (and tweens). The app has a fairly simple interface layered with cartoon characters and emojis. It doesn’t require a login unless you want to use the chat option. Within the app, you can track periods, record symptoms, add dairy notes, and more.

The app has two themes to choose from – day mode and night mode. However, switching to the other doesn’t change a lot. Within the app, you can learn about hygiene product options, talk to fellow girls, and get their advice.

Moreover, all your data can be secured with the built-in lock option. The app is absolutely free to use except for the parental control option that lets one lock specific preferences.

What We Like

  • Designed especially for teens
  • Chat option available
  • Entirely free
  • Easy to use
  • Sign-up isn’t necessary

What We Don’t Like

  • Low customization options
  • Period Insights lack detail

Price: Free

4. Cycles – Most Accurate and Useful for Couples

The Cycles app takes a slightly different approach to period tracking. Unlike other apps, it presents you with two options – Track My Cycle and Follow Someone’s Cycle. The latter is where things get interesting. With it, you can invite your partner to track your periods. This way, they can know if you’re facing any difficulty or having any weird cravings. While the feature is great, Cycles has locked it under a paywall. In order to access it, you have to pay a yearly fee of $29.99.

The app has a pretty minimal design and is easy to navigate through. On the home page, you can view your period, fertile, and PMS days. Along with this, it provides predictions for back pain, stress, insomnia, and sensitivity. 

The highlight of the app is the fertility window predictor. It arrives at the result on the basis of factors like pill intake, cervical mucus quality, basal body temperature, and ovulation test. So, you are likely to get a more accurate fertility prediction than other apps on the list. It’s important to note that you get period tracking as part of the free model.

What We Like

  • Share data with partner
  • Great for fertility tracking
  • Minimal design

What We Don’t Like

  • Subscription required for most features
  • Fertility-focused
  • Not available for Android

Price: Free, Premium Subscription: $29.99 per/year

5. Ovia – Best Tracker for Pregnancy

Ovia should be the go-to app for females looking to conceive. Yes, you can track periods on the app, but the major focus is on pregnancy tracking. On the basis of the details provided, the app shows your fertility score, fertile window, and a detailed fertility chart. Additionally, there’s an option to manage menopause, which is missing among the listed apps.

Furthermore, the app’s ability to track numerous symptoms and sync the same with the Apple Health app is what impressed us the most. Besides, it has a fairly decent base of articles covering topics like reproductive health, conceiving, wellness, and more.

For those who don’t enjoy reading, there’s a video series called Fertility 101 that discusses the topic in detail. Plus, there’s an active community where you can post your queries. Guess what? Ovia doesn’t charge a penny for any of these amazing features.

What We Like

  • Option to manage menopause
  • Best for pregnancy tracking
  • Completely free
  • Great educational material

What We Don’t Like

  • Advertisements
  • The interface could use some improvement

Price: Free

1. How do period-tracking apps work?

These apps analyze multiple factors and symptoms to predict your cycle and ovulation. This may include basal body temperature, heart rate, past-period data, sleep patterns, and more.

2. Are period tracking apps accurate?

The period tracking apps can get fairly accurate if the data being fed is consistent and precise. However, it cannot be ascertained that the results will be 100% accurate every time. Besides, if you face any difficulties, you must consult your gynecologist.

3. Can I track pregnancy with period trackers?

Yes, some period-tracking apps like Ovia also provide an option to track pregnancy.

4. How safe are period-tracking apps?

While makers of these apps claim that the user’s data is entirely safe, concerns have frequently been raised on social media about data privacy on such apps.

Track Your Menstrual Health

So, these were our top recommendations for period tracking apps for Android and iOS. Give these apps a shot and choose the one that suits your needs. For fertility tracking, we would recommend Cycles, whereas Flo is an easy recommendation for more insights into your periods. Have another suggestion? Share in the comments below.

Last updated on 19 July, 2023

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