16 Cool Nothing Phone 2 Wallpapers (4K) for Free

Nothing stood out in the already saturated smartphone market with its Phone 1. With Phone 2, the brand is on the way to continuing its design philosophy with the transparent(ish) back and LED stripes called (Glyph interface). Apart from the distinctive design, its wallpapers are also appreciated for being different. If you want Nothing Phone 2 Wallpapers (4K) for your smartphone, we have you covered.

Apart from the cool Nothing Phone 2 wallpaper, we have ensured to add the Phone 1 wallpaper, too, cause they are still distinctive and beautiful. Let’s begin!

Note: To download these backgrounds, click on the download button below the respective wallpaper. You’ll be taken to the Google Drive file, from where you can get the uncompressed versions of the files.

Cool Nothing Phone 2 Wallpapers

We have added all the excellent Nothing Phone 2 wallpapers here. Note that the images available for preview are compressed in quality.

1. Nothing Argesi Wallpapers

2. Nothing Emly Wallpapers

3. Nothing Flower Green Glass Wallpaper

Nothing Flower Green Wallpaper

4. Nothing Orange Glass Flower Wallpaper

Nothing Flower Green Wallpaper

5. Nothing Fosette Wallpapers

6. Nothing Hazy Flower Wallpapers

7. Nothing Octopus Wallpapers

8. Nothing Phone Circles Wallpapers

9. Nothing Shapes Wallpapers

Nothing Phone 2 Features: A Brief Overview

Now let us look at Nothing Phone 2 in detail. The second adaptation of Nothing’s phone has some familiar appearance and some subtle yet notable modifications. Let’s look at all the features, prices, and availability of Phone 2.

1. Design and Build

At first glance, one might find it difficult to distinguish between Nothing Phone 2 and Nothing Phone 1, especially in the white color variant. However, there are some interesting changes made to the device. This includes back glass with a subtle curve, a slightly tweaked Glyph design, and other small design changes.

While Nothing has the prime objective to make a different design from the competition to stand out, it has an uncanny resemblance with iPhones, especially the iPhone 12. This is something we can’t look past, thanks to the boxy design with flat sides and the camera layout.

Nothing Phone 2 Wallpapers

Regardless, Nothing has done a commendable job in making the Phone 2 look almost as good as a $1,000+ device, even though it comes at a significantly lower cost.

2. Glyph Interface

Nothing considers the Glphy interface a USP in its phone, so we dedicated an entire section to discussing it. This year, the Glyph undergoes a subtle refresh with a notable increase in LED strips. There are now 11 LED strips.

Nothing phone 2 glyph lights

Additionally, the number of LED zones within each strip has significantly increased to 33. The extra lights enable Nothing to provide more precise control over the Glyph’s illumination.

This improvement includes Glyph Progress and Glyph Timer. With Glyph Progress, third-party apps can utilize the lights to display progress bars. And it is pretty neat!

3. Display

The Nothing Phone 2’s screen measures 6.7 inches. Additionally, the display tech now features an LTPO OLED panel that offers variable refresh rates, ranging from 1Hz to a smooth 120Hz, depending on the task. This dynamic adjustment helps conserve battery life by avoiding unnecessary refresh rates.

Nothing Phone 2 display

Additionally, the display’s peak brightness has been substantially enhanced. It now reaches an impressive 1,600 nits.

4. Camera

While the camera layout of the Phone 2 remains unchanged, Nothing has ensured to upgrade its hardware. At the back, the primary wide lens gets the flagship 50MP Sony IMX890 sensor, offering better details and color accuracy. However, the 50MP ultrawide with a Samsung JN1 sensor remained the same.

Nothing Phone 2 camera

On the front, there’s a new 32MP Sony IMX615 sensor that enables 1080p recording at 60fps. Along with that, the chipset upgrade, and optimizations, might result in improved camera performance.

5. Performance

The Phone 2 received a huge upgrade in terms of performance. It has Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset, the second-best processor from Snapdragon. This processor improves battery life, offers faster photo capture, higher-resolution video shooting, and a great user experience.

6. Battery

The Nothing Phone 2 boasts a 4,700mAh cell, which is better than Samsung Galaxy S23. Further, the Phone 2 supports wired fast charging up to 45W. You also get wireless and reverse wireless charging speeds of 15W and 5W, respectively.

Also, it’s worth noting that Nothing gives ‘nothing’ inside the box apart from a transparent charging cable.

7. Release Date, Price, and Availability

The base model, featuring 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, starts at $599. The 12GB RAM and 256GB storage model is priced at $699. And for those willing to splurge, the top-of-the-line variant, with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage, is available for $799.

nothing phone 2

All three models have their respective configurations in White and Dark Gray colorways. Since Nothing hasn’t partnered with any carriers, you can use the unlocked version of the Phone 2 with any career of your choice. The device is available to purchase in the US from third-party retailers.

4 Best Nothing Phone 1 Wallpapers

Nothing entered the smartphone business with the Phone 1, which showcased the Glyph interface for the first time. It also had a unique set of wallpapers and a unique design. Here are all the wallpapers of Nothing Phone 1 in 4K.

1. Nothing Blue Flower Wallpaper

Nothing Blue Flower

2. Nothing Purple Flower Wallpaper

Nothing Purple Flower Wallpaper

3. Nothing Phone Lights Wallpaper

Nothing Phone Lights Wallpaper

4. Nothing Black and White Wallpaper

Nothing Black and White Wallpaper

FAQs About Nothing Phone 2

1. Can I use Nothing phone wallpapers on PC?

Not really. While you can set the Nothing Phone 2 wallpapers as the background on your Windows PC or Mac, they would appear blurry as they were made for smartphones.

2. Does nothing phone support 5G?

Yes, the Nothing Phone 2 supports 19 5G bands. This means you can enjoy fast and stable 5G wherever you go worldwide, given that the area has 5G coverage.

3. Which is better, Nothing Phone 1 or Nothing Phone 2?

This topic needs a detailed comparison, which is what we did! Check our detailed comparison between Nothing Phone 1 and Phone 2, where all your queries are answered.

Enjoy These Nothing Phone 2 Wallpapers

Nothing is set to make its statement in the smartphone industry. If you are a fan but can’t switch devices right now, enjoy these Nothing Phone 2 Wallpapers on your existing smartphone.

Last updated on 19 July, 2023

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