TV Time vs SeriesGuide: Which TV and Movie Tracker App Is Better

As people’s watching habits continuously evolve, streaming services gradually outnumber the cable companies. Also, such services are offering better content with flexible pricing by cutting out dependability on specific hardware. From movies to TV series, News and live sports, services such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and recently announced Apple TV Plus are dominating our living room entertainment.


With a long list of services on offer, it often becomes a headache to keep track of watching history and upcoming shows on a platform. Chances are, you will be left wondering which shows are available on which platform and when the new season of your favorite show will be available on Netflix or Prime Video.

That’s where dedicated TV tracking apps come in. Apps like TV Time and SeriesGuide let you track watching history, share your thoughts about an episode with community, get notified about the upcoming shows, and more.

Both iOS and Android are filled with such apps to make your TV and Movie tracking better. We have already compared TV Time to Hobi, and in this post, we will pit it against another strong contender called SeriesGuide.

The comparison will be based on UI, discover menu, TV tracking, social integration, and more. Let’s jump in.

Cross-Platform Availability

TV Time has an edge here. The app is available on both iOS and Android. That way, you are getting a consistent experience on both platforms. SeriesGuide is only available on Android. But with track integration (more on that later), one can carry forward the data on another tracking service too.

User Interface

SeriesGuide offers a fairly passable interface — well, it doesn’t offer anything extraordinary. The app has adopted the material design theme but still uses the hamburger menu to navigate options. By default, it’s set to a dark theme, which you can change to light from the Settings.

Social Ui2
Social Ui1

Tap on the ‘+’ button to add shows, swipe horizontally to move around different sections on the homepage.

TV Time has a better take here. All the major options are laid out at the bottom for ease of reach. The default Shows tab displays the history of TV series with an option to view upcoming ones with date and time.

Tv Time Ui1
Tv Time Ui2

My only problem with current UI is that the Settings menu buried down in the Profile section. There is no quick way to access it from the home screen.

Discover TV Shows and Movies

Both SeriesGuide and TV Time lets you discover new TV shows and movies based on your interest.

On SeriesGuide, tap on the ‘+’ icon, and the Discover menu will showcase the most popular TV shows around the web. You can sort out the list via the most popular shows all the time and change the preferred content language from the above menu.

Series Discover 2
Series Discover

The Movies section lets you browse through the recent movies in a theater, digital releases, and set them watched or save for later.

TV Time, by default, displays the trending shows, movies, and top shows. You can also filter them via genres such as Crime, Drama, Comedy, Action, and more.

Tv Time Discover
Tv Time Fitler

The best thing about TV Time is that it shows the availability of selected series on different platforms. That saves a ton of time as you can directly head to the said platform instead of searching the web.


With SeriesGuide, one can set a reminder on when the new episode will be aired shortly. You can also make a custom list and keep track of shows based on genre. You can also visit IMDB and Trakt links right from the TV show pane.

The statistics menu displays interesting numbers with how many minutes you have wasted till now watching TV shows and movies.

Social Feature
Social Stat

TV Time laid out all the possible useful information about the TV show in a nice UI. You can see the show is available on which platform, trailer, cast details, episode ration with a nice graph, and similar show suggestions at the bottom.

Of course, one can set the reminders to see when the new episode will be out.

The stats tab is better than the one in SeriesGuide. It’s more detailed, informative, and full of bar and pie chart. It also shows the data of other people that you follow.

Tv Time Feature
Tv Time Stats

Both SeriesGuide and TV Time support Android’s native long-press function to access the most useful section of the app.

Social Integration

SeriesGuide is tightly integrated with Trakt online service. With that, you can sync the watching habits with online service. The other option is SeriesCloud to sync the data.

One can also view comments and thoughts of the community from the comments tab below on each TV show and movie.

Series Trakt
Series Social

TV Time works like the Facebook of TV shows and Movies. You can follow other users, see what they are watching, and comments tab lets you add your views with photos, GIFs, and videos.

You can also reply to other users and like/share their comments. It’s clear that TV Time is placing the app in direct competition to IMDB, and it may just succeed with added functions.

Tv Time Social 2
Tv Time Social


TV Time is completely free to use. No strings attached. Sign In using the same ID and access your data on every platform.

The basic functions of SeriesGuide are free. You can either pay monthly free or buy the SeriesGuide X Pass for $7 and access the premium functions such as widgets, themes, real-time notification, and more.

Upgrade Your TV and Movie Habits

Both TV Time and Seriesguide have nailed the basics here. SeriesGuide has an advantage in terms of trakt integration, while TV Time is better at social integration and a superior and functional discover menu.

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Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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